January 20, 2011
John C. Gabriel

I have raced bicycles for nearly nine years. I enjoyed a substantial amount of success early on due to my efficiency and sprinting ability. As I continued racing the inevitable crashes occurred. Some resulted in considerable musculoskeletal injuries. In almost all cases I elected to train through the injuries. This eventually resulted in chronic back and neck pain while riding. The pain had a direct impact on my ability to sprint effectively. I simply accepted this as part of getting older and modified my racing style to break away from the group early rather than rely on my now diminished sprinting ability. This unfortunately put a limit on my ability to win in numerous situations that were previously advantageous to me.

My wife who is studying to become a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine has taken a keen interest in Osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM). She is currently doing a clinical rotation with Dr Tsai to further develop her ability to perform OMM. I have mentioned to her the back and neck pain I suffer from while bike riding. She suggested I receive treatment from Dr Tsai as his skill in performing OMM is unrivaled in her experience. OMM is not something I understand well but I am open to the idea based primarily on my wife's pursuit of the skill set.

I received treatment from Dr Tsai on a Friday. The experience was fine, but I did not leave with some dramatic difference I immediately noticed. Two days later on Sunday I was doing a highly competitive group ride. There were about 200 riders at the start. A local pro team was out on the ride and made the pace extremely fast. This resulted in most riders being dropped from the ride until there were only nine riders left in the lead group. Coming in to the finish the pro team set a torrid pace to lead out their sprinter. I had one teammate left. He led me to the front of the group and with 200 meters to go I unleashed my sprint. I expected to be swallowed up. Instead I was able to charge to the line ahead of everyone, fully employing my back to drive the pedals as I was totally pain free. It was the first time in years that I had been able to sprint without pain.

Needless to say I immediately recognized the invaluable nature of the treatment I had received from Dr Tsai. I will certainly return to Dr. Tsai for follow up treatments and will easily recommend his service to anyone who suffers from chronic pain.

Multi time, back to back, reigning California State Road Racing Champion

January 6, 2009
Karen Li

On November 25, 2008, while on a hiking trip, I slipped on a steep slope and, with the momentum of falling downhill, my full body weight landed squarely on my left foot, which was completely folded under. Needless to say, the left foot was severely sprained and badly bruised. Since no bones were broken, I was told to rest and that time was the only healer. As time went on, however, I became increasing frustrated by the slow recovery and the persistent pain which kept me from resuming my active lifestyle.

It was then when Dr. Tsai came to the rescue. He treated me and explained to me that a tendon needed to be straightened out so healing could take place more easily. He told me that I could do all normal physical activities, but just be mindful not to overdo anything. To my amazement, the pain was miraculously gone after his treatment and I was able to go dancing the next day. I was so thrilled that, after several days of dancing for a reasonable duration, I danced through two consecutive parties on New Year’s Eve!

Overindulgence on my part necessitated a revisit to Dr. Tsai, as the foot became swollen again and the pain returned. However, after Dr. Tsai’s second treatment, both the swelling and the pain were immediately relieved. I followed his advice to take it easy for a while. Two days later, my left foot felt normal for the first time since I first injured myself.

Granted, certain afflictions only time can heal, but, with the help of someone who is knowledgeable of inner workings of the human body and trained in a holistic approach to return ail to wellness, recovery time can be dramatically shortened and suffering greatly lessened. We will be foolish not to benefit from Dr. Tsai’s expertise.

I highly recommend Dr. Sean Tsai to take care of our health, especially when a part of the body seems not to be working as it should.

November 23, 2003
Connie Schultz

On November 23,2003 my son Daniel was involved in a critical car accident.
He was a passenger in his friend's car. His friend lost control, spun into oncoming traffic, and Daniel's side of the car was T-boned.
The car flipped.
911 was called. The had to use the "Jaws of Life" to extract him from the mangled mess.
He was taken to County LAC-USC Hospital with multiple life threatening injuries.
His lung was sheared from the chest wall.
His liver was lacerated.
His kidney severed.
His spleen damaged.
His pelvis shattered.
His left arm (bicep) was broken.
The Doctor's at County told me to prepare for the worse.
Plans were being made to donate his organs.
After being in a coma for 4 days, ICU for 10 days, and then the hospital for 30 days, Daniel was sent home.
Bedridden, left arm still broken, abdominal wound left to close on it's own.
Towards the end of January 2004, Daniel's broken arm became infected.
I tried to make arrangements to get him to the County Hospital, but was unable to.
I called his Pediatrician in tears and frustration.
She made a house call. I cried and told her I didn't know what to do.
Daniel was in constant pain from his arm, his pelvis which had been pinned was causing nerve damage to his left foot and he was MISERABLE.
I was open to ANYTHING to relieve his pain.
She referred me to Dr. Sean Tsai.
He came to our home the next day, and every week thereafter for 3 months.
One day...out of the blue...
Dr Tsai asked Daniel if he wanted to walk.
Without a moments hesitation he said "Of course", Dr. Tsai said "go for it".
Daniel stood (shakily) and walked about 4 steps without one day of physical therapy.
He was able to graduate from High School on time and actually DANCED across the stage to receive his diploma.
He is now 22. Has his own T-shirt business. He's thriving.
Other than the scars, you would NEVER know the trauma his body has been through.
I thank The Trauma Surgeons at LAC-USC everyday for saving Daniel's life. I thank Dr. Tsai everyday for giving Daniel back the QUALITY of life.

Dr. Tsai is now our Primary Care Physician, and I can't thank him enough for all that he has done, and continues to do for my family.



November 23, 2004 19:57:36

I had begun to have numbness in my lower neck; I had pain in my heels and I had lower back pain. By my third visit I stopped using orthodics for the pain in my heels; this stopped the lower back pain. The orthodics were putting my body out of alignment. I did an 8 week treatment course with Dr. Tsai and for the first time in years had no neck pain, numbess was gone, no heel or lower back pain. Dr.Tsai has expert skills. I recommend him to friends and family all the time. He's a treasure I am so glad I found.

September 22, 2004 01:49:40
Ron Fernberg

I am that 64 year old male that Dr. Tsai referred to, case #2.

I do not need a cane anymore and I am walking almost normally, without undergoing major back surgery, that was recommended immediately, after being examined and looking at an MRI, by a very "respected" orthopedic surgeon.

As Dr. Tsai said, I had RUPTURES IN MY T12-L1 (8mm X 12mm) area, which caused so much pain, I almost could not bear it, and in my L3-4, I had a "HUGE" ruptures, especially, at L3-4 (12mm X 8mm, with a disk fragment putting pressure on my nerve route), using the Orthopedic Doctor's words, which restricted my left leg movement ( could not raise my left leg, on the examining table)!

I had very little control over my left leg and it was very weak, with intense pain running down to my left foot, from my back, through my left hip, thigh and calf most of the time. I was told it was sciatia pain, which is the worse pain I have ever have felt! Plus, I had multiple ruptured (herniated)disks, from T12, down to S1, all over 5mm. Basically, my back was a real "mess," from multiple accidnts/injuries over the years.

In my opinion, Dr. Tsai is a Bonified "miracle" worker.

As long as I do my "specific exercises," recommended and shown to me, by Dr. Tsai, every day, I do not have the severe, "extreme pain" I used to have and I have much more mobility than I had prior to seeing Dr. Tsai.

I do not hestitate to recommend Dr. Tsai to anyone, who is experiencing back/leg pain.

September 15, 2004 14:15:00
Jacqueline Courtiol

I came to Dr. Sean Tsai upon recommendation from a friend, who I trusted inherently from the beginning. I was six months pregnant at our first meeting and I distinctly remember how much I suffered from back pain. I have never been one to believe in miracles…until all of my back pain totally disappeared. Although I wanted to believe that it would not return as quickly as it had gone, I skeptically expected it to do just that. Almost one year later, I can honestly say that I have not had any recurrence of back pain whatsoever. Although I am not getting any younger, I feel incredibly stronger. I have been carrying my 22-pound baby around in a harness since his birth and people are amazed that I do not suffer any strain…as am I! I am convinced of his incredible talent in healing. I don’t know quite how he does it…but I trust in him and his knowledge. I thank him so much for sharing his amazing gift with me, my husband, my colicky baby and my autistic stepson. He is a constant topic of conversation in our household and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.