Dr. Tsai's Cases

Case 1

    A 6-year-old boy was brought into my clinic with a complaint of headaches accompanied by nausea and vomiting. He has been seen in the clinic for the past four years for the same problem, and was diagnosed with childhood migraine. The only resolution that was ever given was Tylenol to control the headaches.
    While examining him for the first time, I notice that the base of his head was very tight and did not have a great deal of motion in the upper areas of his neck. I asked the mother whether she would allow me to adjust the boy using Osteopathic manipulation. The mother agreed and I proceeded to release the base of his head and his upper neck with gentle manipulation (more specifically cranial osteopathy). After 3 treatments the pressure at the base of his head and upper neck was released, and the boy never had any more symptoms of headache, nausea, and vomiting. Till today, the boy continues to remain symptom free, never having to take any more Tylenol.

Case 2
    A 64-year-old male presents to my clinic complaining of bilateral lower extremity numbness, tingling and weakness. The patient was unable to walk without using a cane. He states that he had multiple lower lumbar disk herniations that were causing him to have these symptoms. He had seen an orthopedic surgeon who scheduled him for immediate back surgery. He refused the surgery and only wanted it as an option after seeking alternate forms of healing.
    After examining him, I found a tremendous amount of pressure and tension in his back, specifically T12-L1, L3 –L5, and L5-S1. We approached his problems using different arrays of techniques. After about 4 treatments, I was able to relieve the majority of the tension in his lower back and sacrum. At that period of time, the patient no longer felt any numbness and tingling in his lower extremity, he was also regaining strength in his legs, and he was also walking without using a cane. With a few more treatments and prescribed exercises, the patient continued to improve and is now able to perform daily duties without any difficulty.

Case 3
    A 4 month old baby girl was brought into my clinic with difficulty breathing since birth. The baby girl suffered maconium aspiration during labor and subsequently hospitalized for low oxygen saturation. Because of the aspiration she had to be placed on an oxygenation machine and multiple antibiotics for pneumonia. She was finally discharged from the hospital, however, the doctors had limited her to being home bound. She continued to have shortness of breath.
    At time of evaluation of the first visit, I found the baby to have a very tight and compressed sternum, and a strain in her thoracic diaphragm. I proceeded to treat her in those areas, and after 20 minutes, she suddenly took a deep breath in and started taking long deep regular breaths. I treated her 2 more times, and with each visit, her breathing continued to improve. After the 3rd treatment, the parents never brought her back in to see me. Recently, I ran into the father and asked how his daughter was doing. He said, she’s almost 2 now, and she doesn’t have any more breathing difficulties. She also got through the flu season without any problems.